“My doctor said he thought he had received the wrong CAT Scan, for all three of
my growths were all gone. What unbelievable news, I am most blessed.
Miracles do happen.”
My illness has been a wonderful journey of faith and healing,
especially with Dr. Huang’s caring and inspired methods
of acupuncture and his supportive loving staff. 

This January 2012, I was tired and worn out. Extra effort is always called for during Christmas holidays and with our son and his wife and four children living with us at that time we were running full speed. I developed a nagging cough and was diagnosed with Bronchitis – I was given 10 days of medication. Two weeks later, I was worse. I now had developed Pneumonia. More medication and complete bed rest was prescribed. January ended and February began with the third diagnoses of Pneumonia. Another prescription for medication and bed rest brought no relief. By the end of the week, I was admitted to the hospital for nine days. 

The CAT Scan ordered on the seventh day was an easy procedure, but it revealed that I had two modified nodules on the right side of my lungs and one on the lower left side. It was impressed upon me that the lumps were very large. One was over a half inch in width and two were just under. Also, fluid was trapped in my lungs and a Bronchoscopy procedure was highly recommended. I am claustrophobic and was terrified. I am a Christian and have great faith as a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or Mormons as we are nicknamed. I asked for a blessing from two of our priesthood holders and received wonderful words of comfort and peace. As promised in the blessing, the procedure was comfortable and went well. The Doctor was able to remove a large amount of fluid from my lungs and no further nodules were found. 

My doctor recommended two suggestions for me to consider. I could wait two months, take another CAT Scan and compare the growth of the lumps or I could have a biopsy now to determine what the lumps were and began treatment immediately. He explained the lumps could be just growths and remain with no change or they could be fungus related, and there was medicine for that. Or course, he said there was the possibility that they were cancerous; in which case, other methods would be discussed. I chose to wait, tho my doctor wanted a more aggressive approach. 

“There is a resulting atelectasis of the posterior basal aspect of both lower lobes, represented by homogeneous increased opacity and the fine branching air bronchograms. Poorly defined consolidation, suggesting pneumonial involving the superior segment of the left lingula is noted. In the right middle lobe, there are 2 noncalcified nodules, measuring 1.7 cm and 1.3 cm in the largest dimension. Another noncalcified nodule of the superior segment of the left lingula, close to the interlobar fissure, 1.4cm in diameter detected. There is no visible pleural effusion in either side.”

The first time I searched for an Acupuncturist, on the internet, I found Dr. Huang. This method of healing was suggested to me by a dear friend in Utah. With prayers, kindness, and constant loving treatments, miracles began taking place within my body. My third CAT Scan was taken May 27, 2012, a week later I received astonishing news. My doctor said he thought he had received the wrong CAT Scan, for all three of my growths were all gone. There are only indications where they used to be. He asked what I had been doing and I explained I was receiving acupuncture treatments to rebuild my immune system. He shook my hand, told me to keep doing what I’m doing and in 6 months he would follow through with another CAT Scan. 

“Essentially negative CT study of chest. Complete resolution of pulmonary nodules, consolidations and atelectasis in both lungs, when compared to the last exam noted.”

What unbelievable news, I am most blessed. Miracles do happen. As I continue my treatments with Dr. Huang, and his kind staff to regain my full strength and health, I do so with a grateful heart. 

Huntington Beach, CA
June 19, 2012

Thank you again.